Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hi Everybody!!!

Hey ya'll I'm Sonny!!

I'm a golden retriever mix who recently made the big move from Beebe, AR all the way to the sunny shores of Westhampton, NY.

I'm in a forever home now!!!! Can you believe it?! I sure as heck can't. My new family has a chi-chi-wawa, 3 strange indoor cats, and a boat load of other cats that live outside. Ya'll may know my brother Pedro, I think he's famous on here or something, but he's pretty awesome. I hope ya'll will keep in touch as I start my new life here with this crazy family!

lots of tail wags,


Pedro said...

Hey Sonny great blog! Hope you can get Leah to post more that I can get mom to! So glad that you're my new bro, bro!


Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Welkhome to civilisation Sonny Boy!

I see woo passed khwite khlosely on your trek to furever happiness!

Woo have some pretty khool and pawesome furamily members!

Of khourse, I'm not khounting the khats!

Woo have some inkhredible paws to fill but I'm pretty sure woo are the handsome fella to do it!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sonny!
Very nice to meet you!
Sure is great that you are now part of your lovely family!
I will be waiting to read about your adventures!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm bakhk...

I know it is spelled a wee bit difFURently BUT it SOOO fits:


Minna Krebs said...

Hello Sonny! What a great smile you have!!

I'm new to this blogging too...I hope we get to be great furrends!

Tanuki Maxx said...

Hello Hello Sonny!
Beautiful blog!
Very nice indeed to meet you!!


The Thundering Herd said...

You should have stopped by on your trip to New York (ok, ok, we are an hour out of the way, but we would have made it worth while). Congrats on the forever home. We know how cool those are.

Sam said...

Hey, would ya look at that -- Pedro's got a new big brother!

Congratulations on your new home and it's nice to meet you. Like Khyra said, Ziggy is smiling down from the bridge, for sure! Best of luck and can't wait to hear about your adventures.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

OMC, Sonny! It is so nice to meet you! Wow, you sure went a long way to find your forever home, but you have found the best home ever. Pedro is a great brother to have. We look forward to reading about your adventures.
You must like cats, right? Seeing as how you live with so many now. hee hee
--JB and crew

Sheila and Bob said...

Hi Sonny;

We are Hamish & Sophie, two Golden Retrievers who live about 50 miles west of Chicago.
Glad to meet you.

Hamish & Rescue Sophie &
Mom & Dad
Sheila & Bob

Rambo said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Sonny Boy! I am sure you will like it here. Glad you found your forever home.