Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEAACHHHHH!!!!! Wait, what??

So my mom brought me to this strange place today. Listen to this, it doesn't have real ground, it has this stuff that makes my feet sink in. Weird I know, but wait there's more!! There's this strange water that is being thrown around like a full water bottle when I play with it. It splashes every which way and I have no idea why?! When I went to take a lick of this odd water it made me sneeze!


Not only does this place have fake ground and splashing water that tastes bad, it has very VERY weird rocks. I tried to play with one but it flipped over and scared me! Mom doesn't like it when I get scared, she says I'm too strong and drag her all over the place hmpfff.

I think I've made my point, this place is super weird, but I sure could get used to it!

Hi Everybody!!!

Hey ya'll I'm Sonny!!

I'm a golden retriever mix who recently made the big move from Beebe, AR all the way to the sunny shores of Westhampton, NY.

I'm in a forever home now!!!! Can you believe it?! I sure as heck can't. My new family has a chi-chi-wawa, 3 strange indoor cats, and a boat load of other cats that live outside. Ya'll may know my brother Pedro, I think he's famous on here or something, but he's pretty awesome. I hope ya'll will keep in touch as I start my new life here with this crazy family!

lots of tail wags,